LoCAL Project

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In the LoCAL project we aim to bring together the state-of-the-art in modelling and management of abandoned coal mine workings to use the mine water as a heat source. Our approach provides an active, low-carbon after-life for old mine voids after closure, and also delivers ongoing monitoring of water levels and quality, which in turn will increase the understanding of the systems, thus making it easier to manage all other environmental issues that might arise (e.g. outflow of polluted water, gas emissions, subsidence etc). Use of mine water as an energy source can also help subsidise the cost of other environmental monitoring. Planned active pilot projects on mine water as a heat source are themselves aimed at obtaining a low-carbon energy source from the remains of the high-carbon past, but also in terms of the CO2 capture agenda they will also yield information on hydraulic behaviour of very deep mine voids which in places are deep enough (> 750m) to be considered potential CO2 storage zones in their own right.