Economy - Interactive tool for investors


What?As part of the project it has been developed an analytical model (interactive tool for investors) that allows to analyze the cost-effectiveness of thermal energy use from mine waters. The model focuses on the technical possibilities of using mine water for the thermal energy purpose, the financial aspects of the reality of the investment implementation and its profitability, as well as on the identification of economic and environmental reasons, which speak of the ultimate profitability of the investment. Created tool allows to conduct the first step analysis on the basis of questions (interview with a potential investor), to show that the recovery of heat from mine water is or isn't possible in the region. First evaluation is obtained in a simple way (based on the "traffic light") and indicates if the investment is feasible and which items can hinder or completely prevent the construction of the installation. After a preliminary analysis of the results and obtaining positive evaluation for to possibility of carrying out the investment, user must enter additional data. These data are necessary for further financial analysis, together with an indication of the environmental benefits and economic realization of the investment.
How?The user obtains information about the real cost of operating the system to generate the assumed amount of thermal energy. The user obtains information about the value of the DGC (Dynamic Cost Generation) indicator throughout the analysis period. User has the statement option of the result obtained in comparison with other available source of heat which can be founded as an alternative source of currently used energy. The user on the basis of environmental benefits analysis can assess whether the investment actually brings environmental benefits and, for example, despite the unfavorable financial results is indicated for realization even with no financial benefit. But in order to get a complete view of information to make investment, user can analyze the results of indicators for economic net present value (ENPV) and benefit / cost indicator (results of CBA - costs and benefits analysis).