LoCAL FINAL REPORT has been published by European Comission. You can find it under the following link:


Project's results:

  1. LoCAL Toolbox including:
    1. LoCAL-PAAR (Pumped Abstraction - Artificial Recharge) = the tool, which allows to estimate the outcoming temperature of the flow is crucial for geothermal applications of the mine water. It gathers together the flow skills of EPANET with the thermal skills of Rodriguez and Diaz model under a spread sheet that runs a macro code (deliverable 1.1a). (xls file
    2. LoCAL PANR (Pumped abstraction – Natural recharge) = heat transfer calculator addressed for scenarios of an underground mine whose water is being pumped with a geothermal purpose. It’s an excel workbook that interacts with the users by means of 4 sheets together with short description (deliverable 1.1b). (xls file)
    3. LoCAL PANR user guides in English (pdf file) and in Spanish (pdf file) (deliverable 1.2).
    4. Integration of Cooling into Mine Water Heat Pump Systems, including report (pdf file) and 3 spreadsheet models (zip file), developed within Task 3.3. (deliverable 3.3):
      • Model 1. LoCAL 3.3.1_Active heating or cooling tool.xlsm. This model simulates the incorporation of cooling into active (heat pump-driven) systems. The model simulates both heating-dominated or cooling-dominated systems.
      • Model 2. LoCAL 3.3.2_Passive cooling tool.xlsm. This tool simulates both straightforward passive cooling performed by mine water, and the incorporation of an element of passive cooling into an active cooling / heating system.
      • Model 3. LoCAL 3.3.3_Discrete heating and cooling arrays.xlsm. This model simulates the use of “chillers” and heat pumps performing cooling and heating simultaneously in a system.
    5. Interactive tool for investors with guideline in English and methodology of analysis of technical circuits with CBA and DGC and description of results of aforementioned analysis, developed within Tasks 3.1 and 3.4. (zip file)
    6. Guideline of toolbox use – in English (pdf file) – deliverable 3.4
  1. Reports, analyses and data sets
    1. Data set from Markham and Caphouse (UK) – deliverable 1.3. (pdf file)
    2. Data set from Barredo site (Spain) – deliverable 1.4. (pdf file)
    3. Synthetic report on field site tracer tests – deliverable 1.5. (pdf file)
    4. Report from Bytom (PL) predictive modelling – deliverable 1.7. (pdf file)
    5. Feasibility of CO2 storage in flooded mine workings – deliverable 1.8. (pdf file)
    6. Documentation of installation of pilot oxidation suppression equipment at Markham and Caphouse Collieries (UK) –deliverable 2.1. (pdf file)
    7. Report on influence of gas pressures on ochre clogging processes – deliverable 2.2. (pdf file)
    8. Closed-loop strategies for oxidised, ochre-precipitating mine waters in treatment systems (report and data sets containing results of four thermal response tests on the closed loop “Energy Blade” and data for divers installed at Caphouse minewater treatment system) – deliverable 2.3. (zip file)
    9. Results of market analysis – deliverable 3.2. (pdf file)
    10. Report on benefit/cost and energy efficiency by the use of mixing process - deliverable 4.1. (pdf file)
    11. Report on benefit/cost and energy efficiency on selected technologies for preventing corrosion and incrustation affecting heat transfer process – deliverable 4.2. (pdf file)
    12. Report on the findings of the study of field trials for the evaluation of dissolved gas partial pressures, based on experiences in Markaham and Caphouse (UK)– deliverable 4.3. (pdf file)
    13. Report on benefit and cost of heat production / heat and cold reports in different scenarios (Markham site, and Hospital-University sites in Spain) deliverable 4.4. (pdf file)
    14. Report on the findings of the study of field trials basing on incorporation main water heat into households heating system (Bytom, PL) – deliverable 4.5.  and video presenting Armada site and installation. (zip file)
    15. Presentations and results from semi-annual meetings, workshops and final conference – can be find in “events