Engineering - Cooling/heating tool


What? The objective of this tool is to consider the various configurations by which cooling provision can be integrated into mine water-sourced geothermal heating systems, both passively (without the use of heat pumps, but merely by natural temperature gradients) and actively (using heat pumps). The concept of passive cooling implies the removal of waste heat from a building or industrial process without the use of mechanical chillers or heat pumps.
How? The tool contains three model that allows to simulate conditions as follows:
  • Model 1. LoCAL 3.3.1_Active heating or cooling tool.xlsm. This model simulates the incorporation of cooling into active (heat pump-driven) systems. The model simulates both heating-dominated or cooling-dominated systems.
  • Model 2. LoCAL 3.3.2_Passive cooling tool.xlsm. This tool simulates both straightforward passive cooling performed by mine water, and the incorporation of an element of passive cooling into an active cooling / heating system.
  • Model 3. LoCAL 3.3.3_Discrete heating and cooling arrays.xlsm. This model simulates the use of "chillers" and heat pumps performing heating simultaneously in a system.